50 Ways to Pass the Living Environment Regents

50 brief, informative videos covering the easiest and most commonly asked concepts on the Living Environment Regents! | taught by Guy "Living Environment" Hauptman

Course description

This just in from the June, 2018 Living Environment Regents:

Over 150 multiple choice and short answer questions broken down by topic so you can see exactly which units are covered the most!

Many videos are followed by quizzes containing actual multiple choice and short answer questions from Living Environment Regents other than the ones shown in the videos to test to see if you truly grasped the concept!

The entire video series runs under 90 minutes with each video averaging just 90 seconds!

If you want to get a GUARANTEED 65+ on the Living Environment Regents, then this is the course for you!

The 100% Money Back Guarantee expires 30 days after the date of the 1st Living Environment Regents Exam for which the student failed.

Course access will expire 330 days from the date of purchase.

Guy "Living Environment" Hauptman
Your online Living Environment tutor!

Guy Hauptman is a New York State certified teacher licensed to teach Chemistry and Biology.

Guy has taught both subjects for over 15 years now in New York City public and private high schools. During that time, he has also tutored students publicly and privately, on an individual level as well as through Regents Crash Courses.

He can be found on:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/biovideotutor

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PassTheLivingEnvironmentRegents

Course Curriculum

Section 1: About "50 Ways to Pass the Living Environment Regents!"
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Reviews (43)

by Tahsin Hossain

Worth the money

by Gregory Smith
I used this to review with my daughter. It is excellent.


by Jen Tobn
i failed the regents 2 times with a 51 and a 62. after watching your videos i passed with a 94. ty
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by Tahsin Hossain

Worth the money

by Gregory Smith
I used this to review with my daughter. It is excellent.


by Jen Tobn
i failed the regents 2 times with a 51 and a 62. after watching your videos i passed with a 94. ty

by Shabani Asmani
Receptor molecules


by Coleen Corrigan
This videotutor program is excellent! My son is in special ed and wasn't coming close to passing the regents. NYS requires any student with an IEP to get a score of 55 or higher to pass. After using this tool for 3 months and watching the videos multiple times, reviewing the cheat sheet and using the practice quizzes, I am happy to say he passed the regents with a 60. My son and I are beyond happy and thrilled. We HIGHLY recommend to anyone struggling to use this to help them!!!!!

Living environment regents

by felicia wiggan
This was my 3rd time taking the living environment regents and I passed with exactly a 65 I’m happy thanks for your videos !!!

Great Product!

by Christopher Bax
I really enjoyed using this product. The strategies and the videos are extremely effective. I highly recommend this product!

You will pass with this!

by rhonda clarke
This was very good. I bought this program for my daughter literally the day before her regents exam. It was my last resort. It was well worth the investment. My daughter crammed the night before using this . She had tried to study on her own before so it wasn’t like she wasn’t familiar with the concepts-the hard part was understanding the different ways the questions were presented. This tutorial helped breakdown the information and give clues as to what to look for / eliminate with various questions in each topic. To make a long story short - she passed! It wasn’t by much but she did pass. I know without this course that probably would not have been the case. This year is Chemistry and I’m hoping to get some help for that.

Excellent videos

by Danette Johnson
My child used these videos to help with studying and improved more than 20 points on the regents. The short length of the videos helped to focus attention and break the concepts into manageable chunks.

Living Environment

by Maxwell Johnson
In NYS passing the LE Regents is a requirement for graduation. My son is in an advanced college readiness program and took the LE course in 8th grade. He passed the course but failed the LE Regents exam with a 59 in June of 2018. He was scheduled to retake the exam in August 2018. While studying over the summer I came across this program 4 days before the exam. My son reviewed it daily because he was still struggling on the practice exams. He passed his LE Regents with a 74!!! He told me this video was the reason. It helped him focus on the critical areas and learn common mistakes made especially with graphing. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND video tutor!!!!

by Christian RuizDiaz
It’s great

loved the video!

by leara morales
i loved watching these videos. the only thing i would have found more helpful is that on the end of each section if there would have been like a mini 5-10 question quiz on all the topics that were in the section. other then that i found it very helpful.


by Mason Rowlands
50 Ways to Pass The Living Environment Video Tutor helped tremendously!!! My son has an IEP and is a visual learner. He passed with a 81!!! Thank you Video Tutor!!!!

Best decision of my life

by Leanna Isaacs
I didn’t know what I was gonna do without Guy’s help. I was so confused and lost and felt that I was gonna fail. Then, I saw this online and I knew that I had to sign up. I went from this kid who knew nothing to a kid who had enough knowledge to pass the regents in a matter of hours. Today, I can say I passed the regents with a 90. Thank you Guy

Informative, Easy to Follow, and a Great Way to Study

by Charlotte Ungar
Videos are very helpful for both the actual test and school tests.

It worked for us!

by Charlotte Pinker
I was trying to figure out how to help my daughter study for her Regents Algebra 1 and Living Environment exams. I did a Google search for, “Best ways to study for Regents Exams” and Videotutor appeared in the search results. There were only 4 days left before her finals and she had struggled in these courses all year. It was my hope that she would be able to pass just one of the exams. The money back guarantee helped me make the decision to go for it. She went through all of the material just once. That was all the time we had. She passed them both! Thank you video tutor. We will be back next year. Kristen


by Laura Berrios
Hi Guy!!! I purchased 50 ways to pass your "Living Environment" for my 14 year old because she was stressing about her Living Environment Regents on the 19th. She just got her report card and she passed with an "85"!!! I asked her if my purchasing the "50 Ways" helped and she said "YES"!!!! She went through all the topics she wasn't sure of. It's great that it is sectioned off by topic. Thanks so much for this! I will absolutely be purchasing more in her sophomore year for Chemistry and Trigonometry. Do you do Algebra 2/Trigonometry? Thanks again Laura

Passed with an 85!

by angelina voyias
Such a helpful tool to make sure u pass the regents. Breaks everything down into short videos that are easy to understand and helps you to only concentrate on the concepts that will appear on the test. So glad I bought this to help my son. I highly recommend.

My experience with 50 ways to pass the LE regents

by omaima sharhan
I'm sooo glad that I was able to discover your videos before it was too late because I finally passed the Living Environment Regents after taking it three times. I know it may not sound like a lot of times of retaking it, but I had took other regents before and passed them the first time without even taking the class. However, the problem with the Living Environment regent was that I took it in my junior which I had less chances of retaking it if I needed to. That put me at risk of not graduating on time, which shocked me because I was never placed in that position. The first time I took it I got a 64, the second time was in January 2018 and I got 62, btw I knew about the videos at that time but it was too late to purchase them. And finally I took the regents THIS JUNE 2018 AND I FINALLY PASSED IT WITH A 76!!! It was my last chance to retake it in order to graduate on time. As a senior, I kept worrying about the Living Environment regents since the beginning of the year, but knowing that I finally passed it with a grade that I'm really proud of, made me feel hopeful. I can't believe that I'm going to graduate next week after failing a couple of times and learning from those mistakes because I finally understood that failure leads to success. Thanks you sooo much for doing this type of videos that help students who struggle to pass the regents which puts them at risk of not graduating on time. I know that I wrote more than I shouldn't have, but I want those who are going through the same struggle as I am to know that there's always hope and it's never too late to take a risk and try something new. Once again thank you so much and I hope you keep doing what you're doing because you truly bring hope and happiness to other students who struggle to find them. I also have friends who are interesting in investing in your videos after they heard my experience with the 50 ways to pass the Living Environment Regents program. I'm honored to share my experience with the program to other students who might relate and go through the same struggle


by jennifer tesler
We purchased this approximately 3 weeks before the living environment regents. My son was scoring in the 50's on practice regents exams. We just found out today that he passed last weeks exam with a 72!!! We are so very thankful for this video series and will be back next year for earth science!! Thank you so much! What a life saver this video series was for my son. He struggled all year as he is a student with an IEP, he doesn't learn like a typical student. These short, simple and to the point videos helped him pass! I will recommend this site to anyone!! God Bless!!!

by Tyler Willams

by Shady Aboelnasr

by Grace DAndrea

by Mariam Makar

by Ermenegildo Perbibaj

by nosaiba saleh
I thank you very much for all the videos that you made for us students. It helped me a lot which it also gave me a passing grade (78). I appreciate for everything you're doing and I hope that other people will benefit from your videos as well. Once again thank you very much for your support and change!!!!


by Richard Aseng
I like the 50 ways the regents is today so I hope the videos helps me pass. Pass or fail thank you mr haumptman for the help and the advice.

by Gary Davidowitz
I bought this review course for my granddaughter. I have a doctorate in Biology and to be perfectly frank I have never watched a video presentation that was so clear and concise as 50 Ways to pass the Living Environment Regents Suffice it to say that my granddaughter, despite having a difficult time grasping the subject and having not done very well throughout the year, aced her Bio recents last year!!! I highly recommend this course (and all other science and math courses from this company) I am preparing now to purchase their Chemistry video course for her....

by Marco Nicoletti
Passed the test with a 74!! Could not have done it without the help of this program!! Worth every penny, thx so much

I passed the Living Environment Regents

by Jason Applebaum
Thank you mr hauptman I got a 66% and passed the regents because of your course

50 ways on how to pass the living environment regents video

by Esha Perwaiz
Honestly this video has helped so much it was so much easier studying so glad this video helped me pass my living environment regents highly recommend it to anyone struggling!

by Esha Perwaiz

by jason tancredi

by salimatou diallo
this website is very helpful i took the LE regents today then passed with a 73 thank you for helping me

Living Environment

by Guy Doriscat
I PASSED MY LIVING ENVIRONMENT REGENTS AFTER REVIEWING THIS FOR 1hr. I would recommend this to everyone who can't pass their regents. I just wished they had US History but It's worth the money.

Living environment regents

by noelle correa
This website really helped me to pass the living environment regents!! I have had a lot of trouble in this class and have failed a lot of the tests. I'm so glad I decided to use this website. I got a 74 on the regents! My teacher even called to tell me. I would definetly recommend this website to anyone if they want to make sure they pass the living environment regents because they will. I really didn't think I would at first but I did! I couldn't have done it without this website :)

by Zion Rochester

by jessica greenberg

Absolutely a LIFE SAVER! Sorry we did not find this earlier! A+

by Andrew Dale
This was truly one of the best courses for the Biology Regents! My son struggled in Biology all year. We only found the course about 3 days before the test and he passed the Regents exam! I highly recommend this course. I wish I could have found it at the beginning of the year. It would have helped him from day 1. Guy, you are a life saver!


by Rebecca Nda
Thank You so much for helping me pass the living environment regents I am glad and honored to say I will be graduating because of this. Never thought this was going to work but you will never know unless you try. Thank again. #Classof2k16

by lusine rafayelyan
If anybody serious in passing , then this is the only thing that could help you pass,, love it 😍

The best

by Shlomo yanofsky
The best course I ever took to study for regents'!!!!!!!!!👍👍👍‼️

Awesome program!!!

by kathleen harney
What a great study guide this is!!! Wish I had found it sooner. It is perfect for learning the material in short clips and breaking down the information!!! Thank you!!!